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SPECIAL FEATURESWritten, visual and audio materials for litigators. See the Kollectionns.

Jury KollectionnsResources for cases going to trial

Jury Research BlawgScientific answers to questions about trying cases to juries

Slide ShowsPresentations of juror questionnaire and mock trial data

Visual ResourcesVisual tests demonstrating limits of human observation

Litigator KollectionnsResources for any forum

Articles for LitigatorsEssays on communication and litigation by ComCon consultants

Persuasion TipsEssays and tips about persuasion by ComCon consultants

Trial Books  External SiteOrganized bibliographies about famous trials and trial advocacy

Links for LitigatorsLinks to useful jury & trial attorney blogs, research, issues & resources


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Persuasive Question-Asking  pdfHow questions put words in answerers' mouths (from Articles Kollectionn)

Jury ExpertRead how questions affect answers.

False Confession Defense  pdfExperts & jury selection for false confession defense (from Article Kollectionn)

False ConfessionsThe influence of police deception & experts on perceptions of confession evidence

Executive Witness Testimony  pdfPreparing executives to testify (from Articles Kollectionn)

Jury ExpertRead David S. Poole and Dr. Kellermann's article in The Jury Expert.

SLIDE SHOW SPOTLIGHTSee entire Slide Show Kollectionn

KOLLECTIONNS SPOTLIGHTSample our Special Features

Conversation Awareness Test  VideoEyewitness observation test (from Visual Resources Kollectionn)

VideoWatch video to take test.

Emotional Language  pdfIntellectual vs emotion words (from Persuasion Kollectionn)

Emotion WordsSubstitute emotion words for intellectual words.

Judges' Juror Excusal Test  External SiteCalifornia judges' test for handling hardship, cause & peremptory challenges (from Links Kollectionn)

Juror Excusal TestClick 'Start the course!' after page loads

Seating a Sympathetic Jury  pdf5 tips for seating a sympathetic jury (from Media Interviews: Issue Commentary)

Law360Dr. Kellermann is interviewed.

CASE STUDIES SPOTLIGHTCheck out high profile cases

Hung Jury Case Study  External SiteWhat caused the jury to hang?

Hung JuryRead about why the jury hung.



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