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SPECIAL FEATURESWritten, visual and audio materials for litigators. See the Kollectionns.

JURY KOLLECTIONNSResources for cases going to trial

Jury Research BlawgScientific answers to questions about trying cases to juries

Slide ShowsPresentations of juror questionnaire and mock trial data

Visual ResourcesDemonstrations & tests of ways witnesses err in observation

LITIGATOR KOLLECTIONNSResources for all forums

Articles for LitigatorsEssays on communication and litigation by ComCon consultants

Persuasion TipsEssays and tips about persuasion by ComCon consultants

Trial Books  External SiteOrganized bibliographies about famous trials and trial advocacy

Links for LitigatorsLinks to useful jury & trial attorney blogs, research, issues & resources


ARTICLE SPOTLIGHTCheck out the entire Article Kollectionn

Presenting Numerical Information  pdfPersuasive ways of presenting data (from Articles Kollectionn)
Trial Diplomacy Journal

Attorney Race and Gender  pdfEffects of attorney race & gender on trial outcomes (from Article Kollectionn)
The Jury Expert

Truthiness in Advocacy  pdfHow irrelevant information persuades (from Articles Kollectionn)

KOLLECTIONNS SPOTLIGHTSample our Special Features

Circumstantial Inference  VideoJudgment errors from circumstantial evidence (from Visual Resources Kollectionn)

Emotional Language  pdf Intellectual vs emotion words (from Persuasion Kollectionn)
Emotion Words

Voir Dire: Race Discrimination  AudioDr. Kellermann is interviewed on NPR radio show on race discrimination, Batson challenges & more (from Media Interviews)
KPCC Airtalk

Judges Juror Excusal Training  External SitePresumptively invalid reasons for striking prospective jurors (from Links Kollectionn)
Juror Excusal Course


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