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ComCon offers free written, visual, video and audio materials to litigators and the public to help further persuasion and effective advocacy.

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ComCon grounds its practice in experience, knowledge and research. The Jury Kollectionns share practical ideas and resources based on principles from experience and research for cases proceeding to trial.


Jury Research News

Read about recent jury research in ComCon's Online Jury Research Updates. Ever wanted to know if experts are more persuasive using anecdotes or statistics, the effects of raising the issue of race in voir dire, if verdicts are similar in bench and jury trials, what stealing thunder is and what to do about it? Get answers to these and other questions about jurors, attorneys, witnesses, judges and verdicts in the Online Jury Research Update in the Jury Kollectionn.


PowerPoint Presentations

Look at slide shows about jurors' attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in civil and criminal cases. How do jurors perceive corporations, due process rights, and product manufacturers? How do win rates in intellectual property cases differ when tried to juries versus judges? Watch slide shows about these and other matters in the Slide Show Kollectionn.



Look at visual resources to play during trial about biases and limits of human observation, judgment, awareness, memory and perception. Check out tests and demonstrations that provide jurors direct experiences of how even well-meaning witnesses may not observe, judge, be aware of, remember or perceive situations accurately.

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ComCon believes that knowledge improves practice. The Litigation Kollectionns share ideas and resources helpful to litigators.



Essays, commentaries and articles on litigation by ComCon consultants. Find out about apologies, gaining power in negotiations, preparing executive witnesses to testify, presenting numerical information, predicting jury composition, persuading the Simpson jury, and when juries will hang.



Lists, tips and essays about persuasion and communication for effective advocacy. Find out about language – which words spark emotions, what emotions can be sparked, and how to recognize doublespeak. Check out tips on constructive versus destructive negotiation behaviors, convincing explanations, ways to get people to do what you want them to do, and using value appeals persuasively in arguments.


Card Catalog

Kellermann's Kollectionns of Trial Books External Site are organized bibliographies of books about specific courtroom trials and the trial process.



Links to useful websites for trial attorneys from around the internet. Check out jury publications (e.g., newsletters, blogs, research), resources on jury-related issues (e.g., juror misconduct, juror challenges, trial innovations, juror resource centers), and resources for trial attorneys (e.g., trial attorney blogs, legal news).

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