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  1. KCAL News: O.J. Simpson Chase. (June 17, 1996).

  2. Eye to Eye With Connie Chung. (June 23, 1994). CBS, Inc. New York: CBS Video. (30 mins.)

  3. Eye to Eye With Connie Chung. (June 30, 1994). CBS, Inc. New York: CBS Video. (30 mins.)

  4. KCOP Real News: O.J. Simpson -- The Quest for Justice. (June 24, 1994). (46 mins.)

  5. The O.J. Simpson Case. (1994). CBS News. NY: CBS Video. (originally broadcast July 1, 1994). (45 mins.).

  6. A Question of Evidence: The O.J. Simpson Hearing. (1994). Court TV. Orland Park, IL: MPI Home Video. (51 mins.)

  7. OJ Simpson: Preliminary Hearings. (1994). Conus Communications and Dan Dalton Productions. Plymouth, MN: Simitar Entertainment. (2 Vol. Set, 11 hours).

  8. The Simpson Case: Preliminary Hearing. (1994). Cable News Network. Atlanta, GA: CNN Video, distributed by Turner Home Entertainment. (92 mins.). .

  9. California v. OJ Simpson: The Opening Statements. (1995). MPI Media. (465 mins.) (2 vol. set)

  10. California v. Simpson: Opening Statements. (1995). Court TV. New York: Court TV.

  11. California v. OJ Simpson: Closing Arguments. (1995). MPI Home Video. (2 vol. set).

  12. The O.J. Simpson Trial. (1995). Court TV. Warnervision Entertainment. (4 Vol. Set).
    • Volume 1. Background and Opening Statements
    • Volume 2. The Prosecution
    • Volume 3. Defense
    • Volume 4. Verdict

  13. The People vs. O.J. Simpson Videos. (1995). CNN. distributed by Turner Home Entertainment. (5 Vol. Set).
    • Volume 1. The Simpson Murder Mystery. (1994). (45 mins.)
    • Volume 2. The Trial Begins (52 mins.)
    • Volume 3. The Case for the Prosecution
    • Volume 4. The Case for the Defense (58 mins.)
    • Volume 5. The Verdict (56 mins.)

  14. OJ Simpson Verdict. (1995). CNN Headline News. (taped Oct. 2, 1995, noon EST) (120 mins.)

  15. OJ Simpson Verdict. (1995). ABC News. (taped Oct. 2, 1995, noon EST) (120 mins.)

  16. Simpson -- Beyond the Verdict: The Interview. (January 24, 1996). Black Entertainment Television. (52 mins.)

  17. Simpson: The Interview: The Answers So Many Didn't Hear, The Facts So Many Didn't See. (1996). Thousand Oaks, CA: H&K. (160 mins).


  1. O.J. Simpson Transcript Archives: Television and Radio News and Public Affairs Programming. (1994-1996). Loyola of Los Angeles Law School. (224 transcripts, 5 boxes)
    • Box 1. Good Morning America Show (ABC)
    • Box 2. Other ABC Programs: ABC Breaking News, ABC News, ABC News Nightline, ABC News Primetime Live, ABC News Show, ABC News 20/20, Day One
    • Box 3. Larry King Live (CNN)
    • Box 4. Other CNN Programs: Breaking News (CNN), Burden of Proof, CNN & Company, CNN Capital Gang Sunday, CNN Crossfire, CNN Newsroom, CNN Overnight, CNN Specials, CNN Today, Daybreak CNN, Early Edition, Early Prime CNN, Inside Politics CNN, The International Hour, Morning News, News, Newday CNN, Newshour CNN, 1995, Prime News CNN, Reliable Sources, Talkback Live, Wold News CNN, The World Today CNN
    • Box 5. Programs from Other (not ABC or CNN) Networks and Stations: All Things Considered NPR, Morning Edition NPR, Charlie Rose WNET, Talking With David Frost DPTV & GWETA

  2. Transcript/video index. O. J. Simpson index. (June 1, 1994 - Nov. 28, 1995). Denver, Colo. : Journal Graphics, Inc. NOTES: Description based on: June 1, 1994-November 28, 1995 (Through 11/30/95) "Includes summaries of programs aired on: ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Cable News Network (CNN), Public Broadcasting Service, National Public Radio, Sydicated Programs"--T. p. of June 1, 1994-November 28, 1995 (Through 11/30/95).

  3. Burden of Proof: The Color of Justice. (1996). CNN. Journal Graphics. (program aired on CNN 1/15/96)

  4. The Case of OJ Simpson: Analysis by Monica Moorehead Within the Context of Growing Police Repression, Particularly of People of Color. (199?). New York: PVN/People's Rights Fund. (Video, 29 mins.)

  5. Charlie Rose Show #1482. (1995). New York: Thirteen/WNET, distributed by Journal Graphics. (60 mins.)

  6. Critical Race Theory and the O.J. Simpson Trial. (1996). Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Cleveland, OH: Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. (60 mins.)

  7. Did We Learn Anything? A Panel Discussion on the O.J. Simpson Trial Coverage. (1995). Presented at the Associated Press Managing Editors Convention. Published by the Freedom Forum, Arlington, VA. (28 mins.)

  8. Journalism & Justice: The Media and the O.J. Simpson Case. (1994). The Poynter Institute for Media Studies and the University of Southern California School of Journalism. St. Petersburg, FL: The Institute. (175 mins.) (2 vol. set, 3 hrs)

  9. Justice in Black & White. (1995). CBS News. New York: CBS Video, distributed by Ambrose Video Publishing. (46 mins.)

  10. Larry King Live #2501. (1995). CNN. Washington, D.C.: Cable News Network. (60 mins).

  11. Merchandising Murder: The O.J. Simpson Industry. (1994). Josh Freed. New York: First Run/Icarus Films. (48 mins.)

  12. O.J. in Black and White. (1996). New York: CBS Video. (originally broadcast, CBS, Oct. 23, 1996) (46 mins.)

  13. O.J. Simpson. (1994). New York: A&E Home Video. Marketed by New Video Group. (50 mins.) [originally aired as c1994 episode of Biography]

  14. OJ Simpson -- Juice on the Loose. (1994). Vidmark Entertainment. (47 mins.)

  15. OJ Simpson: Fall From Grace. (1995). Falcon Home Video.

  16. OJ Simpson: The Rise and Fall of One of American's Greatest Icons. (1994). Simitar Entertainment.

  17. OJ Simpson Workout with Behind the Scenes Footage: Minimum Maintenance Fitness for Men. (1995). Hosted by O.J. Simpson with Richard Walsh. Ft. Lauderdale, FL: All Work Enterprises. (90 mins.)

  18. Talking with David Frost: F. Lee Bailey. (1995). Alexandria, VA: PBS Video. (57 mins.)

  19. The OJ Fallout. (1995). Sydney, AU: ABC. Lateline Television Program. (31 mins.) Published by A.B.C.

  20. The O.J. Simpson Industry. (July 21, 1995). Investigative Reports, A&E. .

  21. The O.J. Simpson Trial: Beyond Black and White. (1996). Written by Roger Sherman. Produced for the Learning Channel by NYT Video News International. New York: Florentine Films. (48 mins.)

  22. The Tragedy That Rocked the World. (1994). Sydney, AU: Channel 10 (Sally Jesse Raphael hosting panel). (58 mins.)

  23. The Verdict is In: Not Guilty. Reflections on the O.J. Simpson Trial: A Forum and Discussion Featuring Stanford Law School Professors. (1995). edited by Arnie Pelluer. Stanford, CA: Law Association.

  24. Town Meeting: The Simpson Verdict: Where From Here? (1995). ABC News. ABC News Productions. (72 mins.)

  25. Trial of O.J. Simpson: Anatomy of a Verdict. (1996). "20th Century" with Mike Wallace. New York: A&E Home Video.

  26. Tribute to Nicole. (1996). Brentwood Home Video. Pub. by Behaviordyne. (60 mins.)

  27. Viewpoint: The Media and the Trial. (1995). Nightline special edition hosted by Ted Koppel. ABC News. ABC News Productions. (90 mins.)

  28. Why O.J. Simpson Won. (1996). Kurtis Productions & Tower Productions. A&E Network. New York: A&E Home Video, distributed by New Video Group. (100 mins.)

  29. Why O.J. Simpson Lost. (1997). Kurtis Productions & Tower Productions. A&E Network. New York. A&E Home Video, distributed by New Video Group. (50 mins.)


  1. Disposable Heroes: The Other Side of Football. (1988). interviewer John Madden. Los Angeles, CA: Direct Cinema. (53 mins.)

  2. Juice on the Loose: O.J. Simpson. (1976). Philadelphia, PA: Counselor Films. (48 mins.) (reel film)

  3. OJ Simpson. (1988). Edison, N.J.: Front Row Video. (30 mins.)

  4. OJ Simpson. (1994). Plymouth, MN: Simitar Entertainment. (45 mins.)

  5. OJ Simpson: From College Star to Pro. (1976). Chicago, IL: Society for Visual Education. (9 mins.) (Filmstrip, 46 frames + 1 cassette)

  6. OJ Simpsonism. (between 1978 and 1982). Excerpt from television series "Mork & Mindy."

  7. OJ Simpson: Sports Legend. (1988). Newark, NJ: Peter Pan Industries. (32 mins.)

  8. The OJ Simpson Story. (1994). National Studios, Inc. Beverly Hills, CA: Fox Video. (90 mins.)

  9. OJ Simpson Collection. (1995). Simitar Entertainment. (2 Vol. Set).
      The O.J. Simpson Story (45 mins). The Klansmen (95 mins).

  10. OJ Simpson: 1st & 10. (1995). WEA-Des Moines Video. (2 vol. set w/ 2 tapes/volume).

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