Dateline: May, 2007, Issue 4

What type of doctor is most credible to jurors as an expert witness?

A doctor who testifies at trial can be a doctor who sees patients, a professor, a researcher or even a professional expert witness. Jurors find some types of doctors more credible than others.

Recently, Boccaccini and Brodsky (2002) interviewed almost 500 potential jurors, telling them that "experts sometimes give differing opinions" and then asking them which type of doctor they would be most likely to believe. 82% of potential jurors reported they were most likely to believe a doctor who mostly sees patients.

Practicing doctors are most believable to jurors.

Source Boccaccini, M. T., & Brodsky, S. L. (2002). Believability of expert and law witnesses: Implications for trial consultation. Professional Psychology Research and Practice, 33, 384-388.